Midland Valley

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Learn from our experts and build your knowledge in structural geology with Move. We offer training courses to suit all levels, learning styles and budgets.

Move Software Training

Tailor our flexible training opportunities to suit your needs.

The following four courses will run over five days: 

  • An introduction to Move and 2D / 3D Kinematic Modelling (Day 1 and 2)
  • Advanced Session: 2D Kinematic Modelling (Day 3)
  • Advanced Session: 3D Kinematic Modelling (Day 4)
  • Advanced Session: Fault Analysis (Day 5)

Simply choose the courses/days which are most relevant to your goals or attend all days.

Please note that Advanced Session training courses are aimed at Move users who are familiar with the basic techniques and workflows available. It is expected that attendees of these have either previously completed a Move training course, or are proficient users with some knowledge of the 2D Kinematic Modelling concepts and toolset.


>> Click here to see full course agenda and to register

Technical Transfer

We can design an in-house training and technical transfer session based around specific software components and workflows using our tutorials and Midland Valley or client data. Courses can vary in length from a couple of days up to a whole week.

The course is split into two parts: the first part focuses on software training in Move and the second part focuses on structural geology techniques and workflows, which are tailored to be specific to the client and your data.

If you would like to discuss tailored training and technical transfer in more detail, please give us a call on +44 131 474 7030 or email us at edinburgh@petex.com.