Midland Valley

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Direct, quick and easy transfer of data between Move and Petrel*

Utilise the power of the Move suite from Petrel

Move Link for Petrel provides a means for Petrel users to share data with Midland Valley’s structural modelling and analysis software suite.
Once data is in Move, it is possible to perform the full range of restoration, validation, balancing and advanced structural modelling workflows.


  • Achieve fast, direct transfer of data from Petrel to Move and back again.
  • The Petrel input data tree and model data tree navigation are fully integrated inside Move.
  • Interactively add and remove data objects from the session, even if the connection between Move and Petrel is closed.


  • Provides support for grids, surfaces, point set, triangle mesh, fault sticks, fault and horizon interpretation, fracture sets, 2D/3D seismic data and wells including markers.
  • Automatically detects changes to geometry and attributes and allows these to be saved back to Petrel.

* Mark of Schlumberger