Midland Valley

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Direct, quick and easy transfer of data between Move and OpenWorks R5000

Utilise the power of the Move suite from OpenWorks

Move Link for OpenWorks lets Move users import their data directly from a Landmark OpenWorks R5000 data store.
Once in Move, it is possible to perform the full range of restoration, validation, balancing and advanced structural modelling operations.
There is support for multiple OpenWorks data object types including seismic data and fault plus horizon extraction.


  • Validate your models without the need to export ASCII using the Move Link for OpenWorks.
  • Achieve fast, direct transfer of data from R5000 to Move.
  • Interactively add and remove data objects from the session.
  • Pull a subset of objects from R5000 via a Move standard tree view.
  • Supports geometry and attributes.
  • Provides support for data types including faults, grid surfaces, horizon 2D data, horizon 3D data, 2D/3D seismic data and well tracks.
  • Provides a detailed OpenWorks model description and attributes output.