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Direct, quick and easy transfer of data between Move and Giga InfoSystems GST database

Utilise the power of the Move suite alongside GST

Move Link for GST provides a direct, two-way link to Giga Info Systems (www.giga-infosystems.com) GST (Geosciences in Space and Time) Database solution.  This allows you to share the results of Move’s full range of restoration, validation, balancing and advanced structural modelling workflows across your organisation and via GST’s web-portal. Multiple users can view, edit and query data held within GST directly from the Move desktop.


  • Fast retrieval of features based on spatial locations, geometry type and schema.
  • Supports point, line, polygon, mesh and volume data.
  • Features retrieved from GST are fully integrated with standard Move tools.
  • Edits can be saved back to GST storage or kept within Move.
  • Using full or partial locking, multiple users can make and save changes at the same time.
  • Changes to GST features made by other user’s can be applied to update existing Move documents with a single click.
  • Data is held securely within corporate database systems and can be shared with other Move users or via GST Desktop and Web Interface.