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Digital Field Mapping

It’s very easy to get started in the world of digital mapping. Midland Valley has developed two new applications for field geologists: FieldMove Clino for Apple and Android smartphones, and FieldMove for larger touchscreen tablet devices using the iOS, Android and Windows operating systems.

FieldmoveFieldmove Clino

Both applications have been designed by geologists for geologists and users will find the interfaces familiar and intuitive. The applications contain some short help pages and a more detailed user guide covering all aspects of the functionality.


The new version of FieldMove contains all of the functionality in the FieldMove Clino app, but this has been presented in a map-centric format for use on larger touchscreen tablets.

When you have collected sufficient data you can use the new drawing tools that include a virtual mouse for precision drawing, to create geological boundaries, fault traces and other linework on your basemap. It is also possible to create simple polygons to show the distribution of different rock types.

The linework that you create in FieldMove (and in Clino) is fully geo-referenced and this information is preserved when the project is exported to other applications. Getting your project out of the application is straightforward.

Data can be exported in three different formats: a Move(tm) file for direct import into Midland Valley's Move software for model building and analysis, a CSV file (comma-separated values, similar to an Excel spreadsheet), and as a Google Earth (.kmz) file.

FieldMove Clino

FieldMove Clino is a digital compass-clinometer for gathering geological data on your smartphone.

The app allows you to use your phone as a traditional hand-held bearing compass, as well as a digital compass-clinometer for measuring and recording the orientation of planar and linear features in the field.
You can also capture and store geo-referenced text notes and photographs within the app.  

The Clino app is free to download, but users can purchase an upgrade for $5 USD which provides access to a bigger library of geological symbols and enables data to be plotted on a stereonet. In the iOS version you can also create lines and polygons on your chosen basemap while you are in the field.

The FieldMove Clino app allows you to collect data ten times faster than with traditional methods.

Bringing it all together...

The ability to capture all of your data - geological measurements, notes, photographs and linework - in a single application, significantly reduces the amount of field equipment that the geologist needs to carry.

Errors are no longer introduced during the "inking-in" of field slips or when a paper map is being digitised, and more time can be spent thinking about the geology in the field and testing alternative scenarios.

Being able then to export your data with one click into Midland Valley's Move software, or your chosen file format, frees up more mapping and thinking time to ensure you get the most from your field season.