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download iconA free 3D visualization product for viewing *.move and *.mve files (files that have been created in Move). It is distributed without restriction, can be accessed from any computer where Move has been installed and can be downloaded from our website.

MoveViewer provides an option for wider communication and input into the earth modelling process at any time throughout a working project quickly. Transfer data into MoveViewer from the other Move components with the click of a button or open up .mve files in your stand-alone version.


  • Opens *.move and *.mve files and supports all Move component data types.
  • A high performance 3D visualization package specifically designed to deal with geological models.
  • Increase the understanding of structural concepts across your organisation by communicating your Move modelling workflows and results using MoveViewer.
  • Flexible user environment with multiple view and multi document support (3D, section and map views).
  • Display options include stereo, vertical, in-situ and projected wells/drill hole visualization, attribute ‘Z’ support, (whereby the object attribute is viewed along the ‘Z’ axis) and colour mapping.