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FieldMove Clino is a digital compass-clinometer for data capture on your smartphone. The app will allow you to use your phone as a traditional hand-held bearing compass as well as a digital compass-clinometer for measuring and capturing the orientation of planar and linear features in the field. You can also capture and store digital photographs and text notes.


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FieldMove Clino Pro is available now as an in-app purchase within FieldMove Clino. More than 10,000 geologists have downloaded our app for use this field season and now we've added new Pro features:

  • New expanded library of symbols for planar and linear data
  • Stereonet display of geological data
  • Draw contacts, faults and outcrops on your chosen basemap (iOS only)
  • Export KMZ and CSV data to other applications like FieldMove or Move

With FieldMove Clino Pro, our app has become the best digital mapping app in the world. It allows you to quickly take large amounts of measurements, making your data set much more statistically valid. With the new map drawing capability you can analyse structural relationships on the spot, and with the new stereonet functionality it allows the user to perform some basic statistical analysis in the field.

FieldMove Clino supports online Google Maps as well as offline maps, so that you can import your own georeferenced basemaps. Data can be exported as comma-separated values (.csv) or Move™ (.mve) files and then imported directly into FieldMove™, Move or other applications.

This ease of exporting data allows the user to undertake advanced analysis in our other digital mapping and structural modelling software. The user can immediately start creating complete digitised maps in FieldMove, or creating cross sections and 2D and 3D kinematic modelling in Move. It is the total digital field mapping package.

App Functionality Videos

Watch these instructional videos on how to navigate the app:

App Functionality 1: How to Set Up

App Functionality 2: How to Collect Data

App Functionality 3: How to View and Edit Data

App Functionality 4: How to Export Data


Available on the App Store and Google Play Store, FieldMove Clino is free to download. FieldMove Clino Pro is purchased as an in-app upgrade from within FieldMove Clino. Cost is dependent on your country. Simply click on the blue FieldMove Clino Pro icon in the left side panel within FieldMove Clino and follow the instructions.

System Requirements

FieldMove Clino has been designed and optimised for compact iPhone and Android smartphone devices. We found this was the best form-factor for data collection. Whilst FieldMove Clino for iPhone will scale up to fit on iPad, FieldMove Clino for Android smartphones will not scale up for 7" or 10" devices.

We are currently developing a new App, which will combine all the benefits of FieldMove Clino but will be designed for tablet devices, with additional features such as support for map digitisation.
Minimum operating system requirements are as follows:


Operating System



Android 4.0 and above (smartphones only)

Google Play Store™


iOS 6 and above (iPhone or iPad)

App Store





Help and support

iPhone user guide
Android user guide