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3D Kinematic Modelling Module for Move

3d modelOur 3D modelling algorithms validate and restore 3D geological models to identify areas of high structural uncertainty by having a better understanding of the geometries of the present day structures in oil and gas E&P, mineral resource development, geo-technical and CO2 and rad-waste storage industries 

The 3D model building tools and restoration algorithms are delivered through the  Move application with the 3DMove Kinematic Modelling module.

Forward and reverse modelling, through time while adhering to line-length and area principles, provides a solid framework model.

3D Kinematic Modelling Module for Move

  • Work in three dimensions plus geological time.
  • Highlights the timing and significance of critical geological events.
  • Rapid models update whilst drilling with new target location and trajectory.
  • Reshape models while drilling linked to structural validation
  • Strain analysis with area and volumetric finite strain calculation
  • Depth conversion
  • Decompaction
  • Area Misfit Analysis
  • Allan Maps

Kinematic algorithms include:

  • flexural slip unfold
  • simple shear unfold
  • simple shear move on fault
  • fault parallel flow