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Uppsala University

Uppsala University in Sweden joined the Academic Software Initiative (ASI) in May 2010.  When renewing in May 2011 they opted for the standard academic package of 20 licenses for the Move suite.

In 2010 Move was used in a project called "Three-dimensional geometry of concentric intrusive sheet swarms in the Geitafell and the Dyrfjoll Volcanoes, Eastern Iceland".  Part of this project included an MSc project - "Modelling the three-dimensional shape of Geitafellsgil cone-sheet swarm in the Geitafell volcano, Southeast Iceland".

To model the sheet-swarm geometries in three dimensions, 436 inclined sheets in the Geitafell Volcano and 321 inclined sheets in the Dyrfjoll Volcano were taken into consideration.  Location (as UTM XYZ coordinates), orientation and number of each of these sheets were included in two ASCII data files.  Each sheet was then projected along its strike as a 100m long strike-line using a python script to transform the point of measurement into a line.  This line was then converted into a line element in GoCAD and saved to be imported in Move, where each line was linearly projected down-dip to create surfaces with the defined sheet orientations.  In case of the Geitafell sheeets, the distance of down-dip projection was 1000m.  In addition, the sheets were projected along curved paths.  The inclined sheets in the Dyrfjoll Volcano was not known and a projection distance of 5000m was used.  As a base map parts of a Digital Elevation Model (DEM) of Iceland with a cell size of 25m, provided by the National Land Survey of Iceland, was used and exported from ArcGIS as a raster file, imported and converted in GoCAD as a surface and then imported into Move.  

The projected sheets typically converge towards common foci and this allowed them to be grouped accordingly.  Grouping was done manually, taking into consideration sheet orientation, location and relationship to other sheets.


geitafell trumpet


geitafell linear


Papers published using their ASI Licenses

Three-dimensional geometry of concentric intrusive sheet swarms in the Geitafell and The Dyrfjoll Volcanoes, Eastern Iceland.  Burchardt, S., Tanner, D.C., Troll, V.R., Krumbholz, M., Gustafsson, L.E..  Accepted for publication in G3-Geochemistry Geophysics Geosystems.

Three-dimensional modelling of inclined-sheet swarms in two Tertiary volcanoes in Eastern Iceland.  Burchardt, S., Tanner, D.C., Troll, V.R., Krumbholz, M.  Oral presentation at the Annual Meeting of the Volcanic and Magmatic Studies Group, Cambridge, UK, 5th - 7th January 2011.

Keywords : 3d model building, east iceland, central volcano

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