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University of Western Australia

The University of Western Australia joined the Academic Software Initiative (ASI) in February 2009, not long after it was launched.  They initially opted for two licences of Move which increased to 20 when they renewed in 2011, opting for the standard academic package.

The major use of Move has been as part of a PhD project on the on-shore Canning Basin, which is a major basin located in northern Western Australia.  The work consists of constructing a series of regional cross-sections across the Canning Basin.  These sections will be depth converted and validated as far as is possible using palinspastic reconstruction.  However, evidence suggests the area has undergone much more strike-slip deformation than previous thought making restoration equivocable.  Current work is concentrating on depth conversion.  These depth sections will be complemented by modelling of gravity and magnetic data prior to section construction.

Keywords : cross-section construction, 2d restoration

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