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The University of Washington, joined the Academic Software Initiative (ASI) at it's inception in October 2008 and, on their most recent renewal, has opted for our Standard Academic Package of 20 Move Licenses to sit on a computer network.

The Department of Geology primarily use 2DMove for constructing balanced cross sections and restoring them.  Restorations typically include fault parallel and flexural hanging wall displacements. For demonstrations they have employed tri-shear to mimic structures observed in the field. Move (formerly 4DMove) is used almost exclusively to import DEMs to drape geologic maps and contacts.

Move has been used:


  • For teaching purposes in structural geology. Specifically 2DMove has been used to illustrate the development of fold and thrust belts to aid student’s interpretation of field mapping.
  • A Ph.D. candidate is using Move for a structural study in the Dinaric Alps and has used Move to model the formation of the Saddle Mountains anticline in eastern Washington.
  • An Undergraduate used Move to model blind thrust faults in southern California.
  • A Master’s project investigating structural controls on folded basalts in central Washington.


Move was used:

  • A PhD project looked at correlating F&T belt rock uplift with low temp thermochron, Taiwan. 
  • Another PhD project constructed and restored balanced cross sections across the Dinarides to determine minimum amount of shortening from Eocene to present, Croatia and Bosnia Herzegovina.
  • A graduate project built a Structural model for surface features observed in satellite remote sensing imagery, Mars.


Gabriele Casale, a PhD student at the University said "the restoration implementations are excellent. In particular, the ability to make short regular displacements allows a greater deal of control when demonstrating progressive deformation in forward models, and in making decisions in restorations. Overall the program is excellent, a great research and teaching tool. We appreciate greatly your provision of academic licenses".

Papers published using their ASI Licenses

EXHUMATION OF THE MID-BOSNIAN SCHIST METAMORPHIC CORE COMPLEX; CASALE, Gabriele1, SURKOVIC, Marijana1, COWAN, Darrel S.1, BENNETT, Richard A.2, and REINERS, Peter W.2: 2009 Portland GSA Annual Meeting (18-21 October 2009); Session No. 13.

Keywords : balanced cross section, 2dmove, academic case study

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